God's welcome is wide
Wide enough for everyone

We're human, which means that we've got blind spots, but the work of extending God's welcome means extending a welcome that is bigger than what we could accomplish or imagine on our own. God's welcome changes us, it challenges us, and it moves us into the world with arms wide open.


God's Welcome is risky
Faith is a leap into the world, not away from it

Lutherans are people who love to read the Bible, listening for how God is still speaking to us today in ancient texts. What we find there are stories of adventure and risk, of God’s people being drawn into the world in love and hope over and over again, not fleeing from it in fear. We believe that God’s call into the world is a holy venture.

God's Welcome is Refuge
A place to rest

SVLC's members love service in community, but being sent into the world in love can be difficult work. We come together each week in worship to be refreshed and renewed by the Spirit. Prayer, community, and song are just a few of the ways that we find nourishment for life together.