What is confirmation?
It's all about baptism.

Ultimately confirmation is about affirming the promises made at baptism. Many Lutherans were baptised as babies, surrounded by loving sponsors, congregations, and parents who made promises to raise them as people of faith. Confirmation is one way that parents keep these promises to their children.

At SVLC confirmation is a two year process of faith formation. Using the students' own questions as the basis for the course of study, we'll spend two years digging into various topics of life together as the people of God. 

Classes explore difficult questions of faith: what is sin? why does evil exist? does God care that we hurt? why do we worship together? does any of this even matter?

Central to our exploration as a group is the particular way that Lutherans read the bible, and why it matters to us. Along the way we'll explore the historical roots of the Lutheran movement, scriptural heritage, and deep questions of faith.

Join us!

Middle and high school students who have not affirmed their baptism in a confirmation process are invited to join us at SVLC. We meet each week, August-May, between worship services.