The ABC Barn Children's Place

SVLC's mission to children and working parents

ABC Barn teachers are equipped to make sure your kids get the best possible start. We believe that these are some of the most important years of a child's educational development, and work hard to foster spaces that encourage educational growth.
Not only do we focus on nutrition and bodily health, weekly chapel sessions help kids in their early spiritual development. Children ages 2-11 grow in different ways; we foster intentional spaces that meet the needs of each age group.
We believe that some of the most important development happens on the playground. At the ABC Barn Children's Place kids are invited to do what they do best.
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Our Philosophy
Building relationships, fostering spaces for growth.

ABC Barn Children's Place is a community ministry of Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church to serve the families in our neighborhood. Our program seeks to enrich the cognitive, physical, social, emotional and spiritual lives of preschool children, and to provide before and after school programs for elementary age children. We strive to support the family unit through our caring and professionally competent staff. The staff of the Center will always be chosen on the basis of a friendly, caring way with children, and on professional training and competence. Required child/staff ratios and other mandated regulations will always be considered as minimum requirements only.

It is not an objective of the ABC Barn Children's place to provide specific religious or parochial instruction.

"One of the things I love about ABC Barn Children’s Place is the sense of community.

ABC Barn Children’s Place has an outstanding program and very dedicated staff. My two older children started when they were 2 and 4 years old, and even at those young ages, it was evident that teachers nurtured learning and social development.

My husband and I felt strongly that the values shared by the church and school community were ones in which we wanted to immerse our children.

My children and I were greeted by name and with a smile whenever we were at the school. Teachers took the time to check in with me daily about how my kids were doing. It was through our relationship with the school that also opened up the opportunity to experience the ministry of Shepard of the Valley Church next door. My kids would tell me how much fun they had with music during chapel time and even introduced me to the church pastor at the time."

-Evy, ABC Barn Parent and SVLC Member

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