Social Justice Committee
Mission Statement
  • To actively seek information concerning social justice issues and the needs of persons of all ages, genders and sexual identities, ethnicities, and citizenship, and of every physical, mental, and economic status in San Diego County and the area of the Pacifica Synod in southern California;
  • To keep SVLC congregants informed about social justice issues, needs, accomplishments and opportunities to support those lacking social justice;
  • To enable and encourage support and participation by congregants in the Lutheran social justice advocacy organizations, LIRS and AMMPARO, and cooperation with charitable social justice organizations in our community such as Survivors of Torture International, International Rescue Committee, Jewish Family Services, and others;
  • To pray for social justice in our community, nation, and the world; and
  • To prayerfully examine, as we go along the way, the welcome we as a congregation extend to all persons.


The SVLC Social Justice Committee will periodically share with you reviews of books, films, and articles you may be interested in reading. Check out SVLC's blog content below marked as "Social Justice" to read more!