What to expect

A few things you'll encounter when visiting SVLC for the first time:
Great Music
Lutheran Christians love to gather around great music. At SVLC you'll hear a blend of traditional, modern, and global songs. One of the favorite traditions at SVLC is a sung rendition of the Lord's Prayer, written by our former music director.
Sermons that Matter
We believe that God is still speaking. Sunday morning Sermons connect us to the Spirit's movement in our everyday lives. They challenge us, help us discern who God is and what God is up to, and inform who we are as individuals.
Open Arms
God's welcome is wide and gracious. No matter who you are, how much you make, whether you came to church last week, whether you'll come again, who you love and marry, your immigration status; you are welcome here.

We'll greet you at the door!

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