November 29, 2020

SVLC is doing trying something completely new this week (only) for worship! The pandemic has been a challenge to churches across the country in so many ways, but one of the hidden blessings is that most congregations are worshipping online in some form or another. 

This week, as Pastor Marcus is out of the office, we invite you to worship at a congregation outside of SVLC. Just as our friends from Gethsemane Lutheran Church joined us in early October while Pastor Karla was on vacation, SVLC's members have been invited to join their congregation in worship on Facebook on Sunday, November 29th. Details for their service can be found below. 

Gethsemane Lutheran Church: Facebook Live Worship (7:30AM, most members tune in at 9:30) -- bulletins available on Facebook.

Other neighboring congregations to attend:

St. Andrew's Lutheran Church: Facebook Live Worship (10:00AM) -- liturgy and hymns provided during worship

First Lutheran Church: Facebook Live Worship (10:00AM) -- liturgy and hymns provided during worship

For other ideas and worshipping communities, check out the Pacifica Synod's listing of worship options throughout our area here


We'll see you back in worship on Zoom with SVLC on December 6th!

Worshipping together
Sunday, December 6th

Sunday worship begins at 9:30A.M. on Zoom.

(See the directions at the bottom of this page for help accessing worship via Zoom)

Click Here to Worship on Zoom
Worshipping from Home
Instructions on accessing worship

How to worship on Zoom:

  • Use the links provided above to access each worship service.
  • Once you click these links, you will be prompted to either download Zoom (which you can do ahead of time here) or select "join from my browser." Note: you do not need a zoom account to access worship. It is helpful, however, if you type your name in the "User" line so that we know who you are.
  • Be sure to download the worship bulletins ahead of each service. We recommend that you either print this file or have it open and easily accessible on your device during worship.

Helpful information on worshipping virtually together:

  • Consider lighting a candle or incense, or placing a bowl of water near to the space where you'll worship. This can help set aside space in your own home as a worshipful place.
  • You'll be automatically muted upon entry to the worship space with your device camera (video) turned on.  Please keep your settings muted unless you've been assigned a role in worship or are invited to unmute it. We'd love to see you, though, so consider keeping your device camera on as well :)
  • Use the comments/messaging section for prayers, connections, and responding to worship as you would like.