Pandemic Worship Expectations


It goes without saying, but anyone displaying symptoms of COVID-19 (found here) or who knowingly has been exposed within 14 days of worship is asked to refrain from attending. 

In general we ask that those planning to attend in-person monitor their own health in the days leading up to worship.


  • Hand sanitizer is available throughout the building and sanctuary
  • SVLC recommends that worshippers use medical-grade masks rather than cloth masks
  • Communion will be served, but has been adjusted in form to emphasize safety. Pastor Marcus will distribute bread wearing a mask, and wine will be pre-poured into individual cups for distribution by the communion assistant
  • The pastor, musician, readers, and assisting minister will remove their masks during worship while leading at a safe distance
  • Temperatures will not be taken at the door — please monitor your own temperature in the days leading up to worship
  • The church will take precautions that encourage good ventilation of our space (fans, open doors, and etc.)


Check out the blogs marked "Worship" with up to date information on pandemic worship