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Sunday Worship: Come and See!

SVLC’s Reopening Task Force is excited to announce that we’re ready for up to forty (40) worshippers in the Sanctuary this coming Sunday following our successful soft-opening.

Starting this Sunday, May 16th, you can take part in worship on Sunday mornings in one of three ways: indoor sanctuary worship, outdoor patio worship, and online. Here’s how:

Indoor Worship:

  • Limited to forty (40) persons (subject to change)
  • Registration may fill up fast! Be sure to sign up early in the week if you plan on attending.
  • SLVC’s indoor worship subject to all COVID-19 precautions as outlined in Pr. Marcus’ pastoral letter here. 
    • Masks required
    • Family units are seated in socially distanced pods
    • Singing is limited to either soft singing or humming
    • Limit physical contact
  • Each attendee must register beforehand.
    • To register, use the button link below or click here.
    • Make sure you select “Sanctuary (Indoor) worship” for each attendee.

Outdoor Worship:

  • Patio worship is audio-only.
  • BYOC: Bring-your-own-chair (camping, folding chairs, etc.)
  • Communion will be served during distribution to those worshipping outside.
  • On the positive side: outdoor worshippers can sing as loudly as they’d like!
  • Registration optional -- (registering ahead just helps us ensure we’ve set out enough communion)
    • To register use the button link below or click here.
    • Make sure you select “Patio (Outdoor) Worship” for each attendee.

Online Worship:

  • Multiple ways to worship online:
    • On our website - Click here to view service on SVLC’s website
    • On YouTube - Click here to view service on YouTube, and be sure to subscribe! You can watch our services on a YouTube App of your choosing (Smart TV, tablet, computer, etc.)
  • No registration required


Wait, we're worshipping in-person already? How did we get here so quickly?

SVLC's council and pastor have been closely monitoring possibilities for a return to in-person worship throughout the pandemic. Starting in early 2021, we formed a task force to formally assemble information on how to safely return to worship and give recommendations. In other words, we've been at this for months. This group will continue to meet and evaluate our worship practices, giving the council recommendations as the situation develops.

We'll be sure to update the congregation on any significant changes to in-person worship. After Sunday’s worship, for example, here are a few notes and changes we made upon reflection of our first day back: 

  • Clearer instructions will be given on how to safely pass the peace 
  • Communion flow will be slightly altered, with a designated usher dismissing folks in their rows and managing the flow of things more smoothly.
  • Bell ringers needed!
  • All volunteer positions (assisting ministers, lectors, communion assistants, etc.) need to be retrained. Look for more info from the church office as these trainings are scheduled in the coming weeks.
  • Pr. Marcus' mic volume was a little low on the YouTube stream -- fixed!


Other helpful information for folks considering a return to in-person worship


Our recent congregational survey indicated that over 80% of SVLC members are vaccinated. When county health officials heard of our high rates during a recent county health briefing they were ecstatic, holding SVLC as a model congregation for a return to in-person worship! As such, at this time vaccine status will not be a criteria for your return to worship.

If you are not vaccinated we ask that you please take extra caution when worshipping indoors in-person. Be extra careful limiting touch of surfaces, keeping extra distance from other members, sitting near an open door, and being sure to keep your mask on at all times. High-risk unvaccinated members are encouraged to double-mask.


It goes without saying, but anyone displaying symptoms of COVID-19 (found here) or who knowingly has been exposed within 14 days of worship is asked to refrain from attending. If you’ve already registered, simply email and we'll cancel your registration.

In general we ask that those planning to worship monitor their own health in the days leading up to worship.


  • Hand sanitizer will be available throughout the building and sanctuary
  • Communion will be served, but has been adjusted in form to emphasize safety. Pastor Marcus will distribute bread, wearing both a face-shield and mask, and wine will be pre-poured into individual cups for distribution by the communion assistant
  • All music and liturgy will be available in our bulletins (without need for a hymnal)
  • Singing indoors is limited to humming and soft singing, but fully possible for outdoor worshippers
  • The pastor, musician, readers, and assisting minister will remove their masks during worship while leading at a safe distance
  • Temperatures will not be taken at the door — please monitor your own temperature in the days leading up to worship
  • Doors to the church will remain open (with the exception of Fury Lane side door during worship) and fans will be kept on to encourage good ventilation of our space
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