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The Goat's Bible Study is back! 

Join SVLC members and friends for our study of the Book of Romans, resuming September 27 at 4:00PM on Zoom.


Who is the Apostle Paul, and to whom was he writing in Rome? Why did he write the letter? What does it teach us about the early church? Why was it so important to Martin Luther?

Join the Goat’s Bible Study as we explore these and many other questions! 

The Goats Bible Study meets Wednesdays on Zoom at 4:00PM. The links and meeting information are always available in SVLC’s weekly email blasts, and classes are recorded so that folks can watch them later on YouTube.

No reading is required for our first meeting. If you’re interested in going above and beyond, here are some of the books Pastor Marcus is reading in preparation for our study together:

When in Romans: An Invitation to Linger with the Gospel According to Paul. Beverly Roberts Gaventa, 2016.
Paul: A Biography. N.T. Wright, 2020.
Preaching Romans: Four Perspectives. Scot McKnight & Joseph B Modica, eds, 2019. 

Come and see!