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They Are Us.  Lutherans and Immigration Second Edition by Stephen Bouman and Ralston Deffenbaugh

A thoughtful and timely look at the Christian calling to Welcome the Stranger.

This book lays out a detailed summary of our Immigration Acts and Laws starting in the 1600’s when in 1638 Swedish and Finnish Lutherans settled in the Delaware Valley.  Throughout our history Immigration has been at the forefront of North American growth.  Even during those early times Lutherans reached out To the Stranger.

Pastor Bouman and Ralston Deffenbaugh (Past President of Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services) explain how our Immigration Laws run contrary to Lutheran beliefs, Welcome the Stranger.  Even though there have been very strict Immigration Acts approved by Congress, the most oppressive have been put in place since 9/11.   We are all on the same ocean but some of us are in large cruise ships, more of us in yachts and the poor and migrants may only be on rafts trying to survive.

What should Lutherans do? 

I really enjoyed this book as it describes what we can do as Lutherans to support migrants that are seeking a safer and more secure life for their loved ones.  There are study questions for each chapter that provide thought and discernment. 

Jeff Jacobson

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