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Welcome to SVLC's new Bible Study group blog.

We'll use this space to reflect on the text together, update the group on reading assignments, and help those who miss group discussions to catch up.

Our bible study on the Gospel of Matthew begins on May 13th, 2020.

Want to get a head start on the text? Here's your homework (not required):

Spend the next week reading the whole Gospel of Matthew, start to finish. This will take a few hours, so you'll probably want to break it up over a few days. As you read the Gospel take note of moments and parts of the text you find yourself drawn to, and moments you find yourself resisting. No need to answer these questions or write an essay, just notice them.

See you on Wednesday at 4:30P.M.

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Patricia K. Swanson 3 months ago

In reading the first 3 chapters of Matthew what life lessons can we take with us?
As we read these chapters I am finding that I don’t know as much as I thought I did.
So many things I am having trouble figuring out, so, be prepared for lots of questions in this box. One good thing is it is making me research and take my time. I love our time together.

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